Larry is known among his family and friends as a thinker and a visionary. So it was no surprise when God gave him the vision for the birthing of Joy 1580 WWSJ in 1996. By the prompting and leading of the Holy Spirit, Larry christened the station on Palm Sunday 1997 as a station Working Winning Souls for Jesus, with St John 12:32 as the command. Under his leadership the station has been a beacon of light not only for local radio but was one of the first stations in the nation to broadcast over the World Wide Web. Listeners from all over the world have been blessed by the music and the ministry of Joy 1580. Because of Larry’s faithfulness over a few things God has placed him at the helm of two (2) additional stations located in the Michigan area. Larry has served as a past Stellar Award Advisory Board Member. He has been married for over 33 years and is the father of two wonderful daughters and the grandfather of 4 children. He says “God gets all the Glory for the marvelous works He has done”