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The Difference is the Music

WWSJ-AM 1580 – 100.3FM is the new leader in Christian Urban music. There are several Christian radio stations in the Mid-Michigan area, but only one Christian Urban – WWSJ-AM 1580 – 100.3FM.

The Difference is the music. WWSJ-AM 1580’s music is well-known, melodious, uplifting and enjoyable. There is a careful blend of timeless favorites and hot new releases. WWSJ-AM 1580 -100.3FM constantly updates its selections to meet the demands of its listening audience.

WWSJ is committed to a programming agenda based on the successful format of providing music which the average Christian enjoys most. Rather than confining its schedules to the usual limit of a small number of selections, many are added, played and removed each week. Variety is the key to WWSJ-AM 1580’s programming success.

24-Hours Per Day. WWSJ-AM 1580 -100.3FM, Lansing’s newest and best Christian Urban music station, is committed to presenting a minimum of 240 minutes of music every day. Consequently, it is truly a station “designed for listeners.” Commercials are limited to a maximum of eight minutes each hour. WWSJ presents daily news headlines coverage and community affairs capsules on issues of primary importance to the Mid-Michigan area.

WWSJ-AM 1580 – 100.3FM is a friendly radio station. The music host and news people enjoy their work. When they are on the air, the hosts are friendly. They do not waste words or precious time, they continuously build a good rapport and relationship with listeners.

Perhaps most important, WWSJ-AM 1580 – 100.3FM is one continuous show. It never stops and never runs out of music enjoyed by Christians of all ages. In Mid-Michigan, WWSJ is the sound which makes today’s living a little easier, and a little more pleasant for everyone.